Smart NFT,
Interaction Abstraction Layer
A3S Protocol is an Interaction Abstraction(IA) layer that aims to democratize a simplified and smart interaction paradigm for all users. It leverages Smart NFTs to enable liquidity and composability of Smart Contracts, paving the way for an open market that fosters an Intent Abstraction future.
# Direct Owning Address without Risk of Private Key Leakage
A3S addresses only query who owns the Owner NFT and they do not query the private keys of EOA addresses. Also, there is no private key involved in the whole process of any transaction regarding A3S address. Therefore, the users’ addresses have zero risk of leakage.
# One Address Pays All Gas
When a user, a DAO or a team needs to interact with multiple accounts, it is painful to pay gas for each sub-account. By using A3S protocol, users would no longer need to transfer gas fee separately to each sub-account, all gas fee is paid by master address.
# One Transaction Transfers All Assets
Users can trade a combination of different tokens, NFTs from different collections, and credentials in address all at one time. A3S also supports bulk transfer of multiple addresses.
# Share and Trade Non-Transferable Assets
Assets such as Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), Vesting or Staked Tokens, and NFT Whitelist Spots might not be transferable by its nature. But A3S addresses make it possible by transferring the corresponding address containing such assets.
# Unique Address with Special Elements
Current address is messy and unorganized, ENS somewhat solve this issue. However, A3S address itself could natively contain meaningful numbers or characters in it (E.g. user’s birthday, lucky number, etc.) Learn more →